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Case Studies & Testimonials

Level Up Gosport

Some testimonials and case studies from previous Level Up Gosport members:

Sarah - currently working as a Public Records Assistant

“I’m hugely thankful and appreciative to all at Level Up Gosport, for all of their support and belief in me. I definitely wouldn’t have had the experiences from UK Youth Voice if it were not for the staff and my involvement in Level Up Gosport.”

Dan - currently a café assistant

“I got an award for being a Volunteer…I really enjoy being a member of Level Up Gosport because all the members are my own age and they don’t judge me. Whilst being a member I have made friends and it has made me more confident with people my own age.”

Ben - currently working in retail

“I have only been a volunteer with Level Up Gosport for a short while, but I absolutely love it and will keep doing this until I can’t do it anymore.”

Ikram - currently working at a local school

“Everyone there is really friendly and great, wonderful atmosphere to be around. I don’t think I would have anywhere near as much confidence if I hadn’t joined the group, which in turn helped me heavily in getting a job in my opinion.”

Rachel - currently independently volunteering at a local group

“I joined because I had a breakdown at work with stress and depression…I was at rock bottom and needed something to help me. Level Up Gosport has made me the woman I am today…strong, confident and independent. I can make decisions by myself, something I didn’t thing was possible but Level Up Gosport helped me to achieve this.”

John - currently working in the hospitality industry

"When I spoke about my gambling addiction, I was very emotional about it. I normally don't like to share with other people. It took a lot of courage to open up and just talk about it and the result of it was that I felt relief off my shoulders knowing that I was not alone in this. During my time, Nicola encouraged me to do the UK Youth Silver Award as well as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Level 2 Food Hygiene, Level 3 First Aid, Manual Handling and CV writing. Nicola also wrote references which aided in my employment. I have Cerebral Palsy and along with mild learning difficulties but this has never caused any problems and has never been treated differently by staff or members of the group. I have achieved a lot with my time in the group. When I was with the group, they made me feel very welcome and supportive towards me and very interactive with me. They were a lovely group and it was the best 4 years of my life."


“I thoroughly enjoyed each different project…and have been introduced to aspects of the local community I was not aware of before.  Being part of Level Up Gosport makes me think that I am contributing to something important and that we can really make a difference to the diverse community of Gosport.”

What's happening with some of the current members of Level Up Gosport?

  • Kelly – part-time café assistant
  • Luke – part-time retail assistant in a garden centre – photo below…
  • Jason – part-time domestic assistant
  • Holly – part-time care home assistant and independent volunteer at C2U Gosport
  • Ikram – full-time IT support at Brune Park Community School
  • Dylan – work placement at the Dockyard
  • Daniel – full-time shop assistant at B&M- photo below…

Chatting to Gary, our friendly King's Guard at Buckingham Palace; 2024

Meeting Nigel Mansell at UK Youth Award Ceremony: 2019

Luke: currently working a Alver Valley Garden Centre

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